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Mom and Pop style service in languages from Mam to Popti'

At Maya Bridge Language Services, we are committed to providing interpretation and translation services in hard-to-find languages at hard-to-beat prices. 


With over two years of excellence in service to a wide array of clientele in healthcare, education, social services, legal offices, and court districts, Maya Bridge is your best bet for indigenous language services.


What began as an agency to provide Mayan language interpretation here in the US has now grown to encompass any and all languages that traditional language service providers claim to be able to yet often fail to provide. Because we are uniquely focused on these rare languages, we are more able to provide services for them. Instead of contracting with another language service provider (like nearly all big LSP's do), we are directly contracted with speakers of these languages. We connect you straight to the source, instead of having to go through layers of different agencies to get to interpreters and translators. 


We pride ourselves on our ability to find, recruit, train, and qualify our interpreters, ensuring that our clients will experience the best possible encounter when utilizing our interpreters. Our mission is to increase language access for speakers of rare and indigenous languages in the United States by introducing more qualified speakers of these languages into the interpretation industry and by overcoming any barriers and obstacles that exist in getting them these critical services. 

Click on the Languages tab to see what languages we currently offer, or give us a call to see how we can help you! 

(801) 753-8568

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